Why you need a digital detox right now

Learn the benefits of a digital detox and change your life!

I’m sure you’ve tried many different kinds of detoxing for your body – you can find a natural detox here, if you are interested. But, when is the last time you did a digital detox? And why is that so important? Continue reading Why you need a digital detox right now

Tomato cod fish fillets

An easy, yet delicious dish with cod fish fillets you will love!

Experts recommend eating fish twice a week for its omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in our bloodstream; they also help in improving the functioning of the human heart muscles. Cod is a delicious fish, loved worldwide. It is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and it is especially rich in lean protein and vitamins B-12 and B-6. Continue reading Tomato cod fish fillets

Are you shaving your legs in the right way?

6 common mistakes you’re probably making, when you are shaving your legs.

Shaving is the easiest and quickest way to get rid of unwanted hair on your legs. Nevertheless, the result is not always very satisfying. If you are left with razor bumps, irritated and dry skin every time you’re shaving your legs, then you are definitely doing it wrong! Learn the 6 most common mistakes and enjoy beautiful legs every day. Continue reading Are you shaving your legs in the right way?

How to make a small room seem bigger

6 clever ways to make a small room look bigger than it is!

We all love a spacious home, with big rooms. Unfortunately, most of us live in small apartments, with small rooms. You don’t need to worry about that; there are ways to make a small room seem much bigger, therefor much more comfortable and hospitable. Your house is a place where you should feel relaxed and comfortable, no matter how small it may be. Continue reading How to make a small room seem bigger

How to beat your anxiety quickly

5 ways to fight your anxiety right here and right now!

We all have been there many times. Anxiety strikes us without warning. Before taking an important test, before entering the room for a job interview, when you have to finish an important project at work, or even when you are about to have an important meeting in your personal life. Anxiety can appear as a slight pain in your stomach, as sweating, as a headache or it can even evolve into a serious panic attack. Continue reading How to beat your anxiety quickly

How to use lemons to clean your home

12 ways to use lemons in your house cleaning routines.

I love lemons! I always keep lots of them in my fridge. I use them in my cooking all the time and I certainly love their smell, it’s so uplifting! But I also love using them in my house cleaning. Lemons are great helpers – one of nature’s best gifts! They are natural disinfectants, they fight bad smells and hard water stains effectively. Continue reading How to use lemons to clean your home

What to do when you hate your job

4 steps that will help you get the job you are dreaming

Our job is one of the most important parts of our lives; just think of how much time we spend working! It can make us feel creative, happy and it can give meaning to our life; or it can make us really miserable, to the point where we have nightmares about it. Being unhappy with our job and forcing ourselves to live in a work environment that we hate, can really damage our health and it can leave us with huge phycological scars. So, if you are really hating your job, here is what you can do! Continue reading What to do when you hate your job

Lentils’ soup – A traditional Greek dish

A delicious traditional Greek dish with lentils.

Legumes are a very healthy choice for our diet.  Lentils in particular are a rich source of fiber and lean protein. They supply our body with vitamins, minerals, folate and iron, all essential for supporting our immune system. They have huge antioxidant power and they are characterized as a superfood for good reason. They are loved throughout the Mediterranean and they have inspired many delicious dishes.

Today I will share with you a traditional Greek soup with lentils. This recipe has its roots in ancient times and it is passed from generation to generation. Continue reading Lentils’ soup – A traditional Greek dish

How to grow long, healthy hair fast

12 tips for getting the long hair you always dreamed!

Long hair is getting more and more popular; you admire it on fashion models, you see it on your favorite actresses and maybe you get a little bit jealous seeing it on the streets – it’s like every woman that passes by you has gorgeous long hair nowadays! If you also want to grow long healthy hair, you should definitely follow the tips bellow. Continue reading How to grow long, healthy hair fast

Happy New Year – what’s really new?

If the new year feels all the same to you, you should read this.

A new year just started and we partied and we spread oh so many wishes around! As soon as the dust of all the celebrations settles, we find ourselves living under the same old daily routine. Same problems, same worries, same life. So, what’s all the fuss about? What is “new” really? Is it all the new year’s resolutions that we keep on making – and breaking perhaps, but who is counting, right? Is that new digit at the end of the date making a real difference? What’s “new”, if it feels just the same? Continue reading Happy New Year – what’s really new?