How to grow long, healthy hair fast

12 tips for getting the long hair you always dreamed!

Long hair is getting more and more popular; you admire it on fashion models, you see it on your favorite actresses and maybe you get a little bit jealous seeing it on the streets – it’s like every woman that passes by you has gorgeous long hair nowadays! If you also want to grow long healthy hair, you should definitely follow the tips bellow. Continue reading How to grow long, healthy hair fast

How to prepare your skin for winter

9 tips to save your skin this winter

The weather is changing and winter is knocking our doors! Our favorite sweaters have come out of storage, our winter rugs are making our homes warmer and our favorite warm beverages helps us relax by the fireplace. But the weather conditions are really harsh on our skin, so we need to take extra steps in order to protect it and keep it healthy. Just follow 9 easy steps for a beautiful and healthy skin. Continue reading How to prepare your skin for winter

Travel beauty survival tips

How to travel and look fabulous at the same time!

Whether you are travelling for business or fun, you certainly don’t want to compromise your beauty. You want to look your best at all times. So, here are some survival tips that will help you look and feel awesome, even if you are planning to travel by plane, which is extremely harsh for your beauty. Continue reading Travel beauty survival tips

Summer makeup tips: How to survive the heat

10 makeup tips for lasting makeup during hot Summer days.

Summer is already here and we love it! Nevertheless, things are getting tough for our makeup. Extreme heat makes it hard for it to stay in place. You definitely don’t want your makeup melting or caking, or your face looking all shiny. Here are some tips you can follow, in order to be fresh and beautiful all Summer. Continue reading Summer makeup tips: How to survive the heat

Facial beauty mistakes you might be making

20 beauty mistakes you should avoid, while treating your face.

Treating our face is our number one priority, as long as our beauty is concerned. We are using many different products, cleansers, toners, creams, masks, serums, etc. We are constantly seeking a way to a healthy, young and radiant skin, without imperfections. But sometimes we might be making some mistakes that have the exact opposite result on our skin.

So, here are 20 common mistakes you might be making. Continue reading Facial beauty mistakes you might be making

Prepare your skin for Summer

Summer is coming! Your skin needs extra care, so that you can feel confident and beautiful wearing your summer clothes and accessories.

The weather may still be rainy and a bit chilly, but, don’t fool yourself, Summer is just around the corner! In just a couple of weeks we will be wearing our light summer dresses, our shorts, our summer sandals and we will be enjoying every moment under the bright sun. This means that we will be showing more skin, so it’s about time we start preparing for that. We need to take some extra steps in our beauty routine, so that we can proudly wear our summer clothes and accessories! Continue reading Prepare your skin for Summer

Makeup mistakes that make you look older

We are in a constant pursue of products that can help us stay young forever. We certainly know that we are chasing a chimera, but we try anyway. Women at any age want to look younger. Even if you ask a 20-year-old girl, she wants to look 16 or 18. As we grow older, we get more anxious, of course. We are searching for the magic serum, that cream that performs miracles, etc. But have you ever thought that sometimes your makeup may make you look older that you are? Here are some common makeup mistakes that you should avoid: Continue reading Makeup mistakes that make you look older

How to get bad smells off your hands

Whether you love cooking, or you cook occasionally, you have to handle ingredients that leave a bad smell on your hands, like onion, garlic, fish etc. Those smells linger, regardless of how many times you may wash them with water and soap. No one likes smelly hands, so here are a few methods you can use, in order to remove those persistent smells immediately. Continue reading How to get bad smells off your hands

My latest Spring beauty buys

No matter how many cosmetics we all have, we can’t resist a new buy every now and then! Apart from the seasonal products that are absolutely necessary, like a good sun protector cream for our face, now that the sun is shining brighter, we often treat ourselves with something new just to get inspired! Just to feel better! Well, that’s what I did yesterday. Work has been tough lately, and my work schedule hectic. My mood…let’s not talk about it. So, when I rushed into my nearest THE BODY SHOP store in order to buy my favorite facial wipes, I could not resist a Spring buy! Continue reading My latest Spring beauty buys

6 easy homemade face masks

We are so used to going to the store and buying our cosmetics. Facial creams, facial cleaners and toners, body lotions, scrubs, face masks, etc. Or we may go online. But have you ever thought what our great grandmothers used to do? Women have been caring for their beauty since ancient times, using all kinds of natural ingredients. Well, I believe they were so much better off without all the chemical ingredients on their skin! So, let’s see some face masks made completely of 100% natural ingredients. They are super-easy to make and you can use stuff you have in your kitchen! Continue reading 6 easy homemade face masks