How to emotionally prepare yourself for the holidays

3 easy steps for happy and joyful holidays!

It’s the happiest season of the year, or at least it’s supposed to be. Love and happiness is in the air, nevertheless many people feel depressed or overwhelmed during the holidays. We all have created this perfect picture in our minds and usually we try to live our dreamy holidays, but, guess what, life is far from perfect. And this time of the year we tend to realize this at an unbearable degree. We want to live the dream, but we usually end up facing a crud reality, where we don’t have enough money to spend, or we have to face all that criticism on the family table, or we feel so lonely. Not to mention all the negative self-criticism we subject ourselves to, when the end of the year is near. Here are some easy steps to help you escape the holidays blues. Continue reading How to emotionally prepare yourself for the holidays