How to beat your anxiety quickly

5 ways to fight your anxiety right here and right now!

We all have been there many times. Anxiety strikes us without warning. Before taking an important test, before entering the room for a job interview, when you have to finish an important project at work, or even when you are about to have an important meeting in your personal life. Anxiety can appear as a slight pain in your stomach, as sweating, as a headache or it can even evolve into a serious panic attack. Continue reading How to beat your anxiety quickly

How to survive the end-of-Summer blues

8 tips to help you stay positive and happy after the end of Summer!

Summer holidays are long gone for most of us. We have already returned to our everyday routines. Children are back to school and, in a way, so are we. Days are starting to get shorter and the weather keeps reminding us that Autumn is here, whether we like it or not. Well, we don’t like it, that’s for sure. End-of-Summer blues are very common at this time of year. Here are some great tips to help you survive it! Continue reading How to survive the end-of-Summer blues