How to prepare your skin for winter

9 tips to save your skin this winter

The weather is changing and winter is knocking our doors! Our favorite sweaters have come out of storage, our winter rugs are making our homes warmer and our favorite warm beverages helps us relax by the fireplace. But the weather conditions are really harsh on our skin, so we need to take extra steps in order to protect it and keep it healthy. Just follow 9 easy steps for a beautiful and healthy skin. Continue reading How to prepare your skin for winter

Prepare your skin for Summer

Summer is coming! Your skin needs extra care, so that you can feel confident and beautiful wearing your summer clothes and accessories.

The weather may still be rainy and a bit chilly, but, don’t fool yourself, Summer is just around the corner! In just a couple of weeks we will be wearing our light summer dresses, our shorts, our summer sandals and we will be enjoying every moment under the bright sun. This means that we will be showing more skin, so it’s about time we start preparing for that. We need to take some extra steps in our beauty routine, so that we can proudly wear our summer clothes and accessories! Continue reading Prepare your skin for Summer