20 hair mistakes you might be making

As women, we all are very proud of our hair. Long or short or medium, no matter what your hairstyle is, it plays an important part in your beauty routine. It defines your style. But most of the times, we take good care of our face and we neglect our hair. Or even worse, we are making some serious mistakes while caring for it. So, here are 20 of the most common mistakes women make as far as hair is concerned. You might be making some of them. So, take a look!

1. Conditioning only the ends.

We all have heard or read from time to time that it’s better to apply conditioner only at the ends, in order to avoid making it look heavy, especially if we have very fine hair. Wrong! We should use the proper conditioner for our type and we should apply it from roots to ends. If it is very fine, or if it’s oily, use a lighter conditioner, but always use one. It protects it from breakage and it strengthens it.

2. Rubbing it with a towel to dry.

We all use a towel to dry our hair. But rubbing it and twisting it, is a huge mistake. We should first use our hands and gently squeeze excess water and then we should use a towel and continue squeezing gently, not rubbing. It’s very fragile when it’s wet, so rubbing could lead to breakage. So, even when you are in a hurry, avoid it.

3. Brushing it when wet.

We should always remember that it’s very fragile when it’s wet. So, we should avoid brushing it. It’s better to use our fingers to gently part it and loosen the knots first, and then use a sparse comb, always avoiding hasty movements.

4. Blow-drying it on very high temperature.

We want our hair to dry fast and be perfect! But setting our hairdryer at the highest temperature is wrong! We should start at the lowest heat setting and be patient. It won’t take that much time, and, more important, the result will be better. Otherwise, we will end up with completely damaged strands and split ends.

5. Holding the brush wrong when blow-drying.

How is that possible, you may wonder. Well, we usually hold the hairdryer with our dominant hand and the brush with the other. Wrong! We should use our dominant hand to hold the brush, because the brush does all the work. We need to control it and use it more easily and more efficiently, for better and quicker results.

6. Using the wrong brush.

We should be very careful not to use a metal brush when blow-drying our hair. Metal overheats and it can burn it. So, always use a suitable brush, in order to protect it and get a better result.

7. Not using a heat protective product.

We should always use a special product to protect our hair of heat, before blow-drying. All hair need protection, not only thin or sensitive or already damaged.

8. Blow-drying without sectioning.

In order to get better and quicker results, we should divide our hair in sections using clips, and, starting at the base of our head, dry section by section. Once we dry one section, we release it and we move to the next. Once we have dried all sections around the base of our head, we move toward the top, section by section. Yes, the way your hairdresser does it!

9. Using silicone-based products.

Silicone products can make our hair look shinier, but silicone forms a coat around hair-shaft, so it actually dries it and prevents nutrients from nourishing it. It actually creates an illusion of healthy, shiny hair.

10. Using hair-ties on wet hair.

Once again, wet hair is very fragile. We should never tie it or pull it back into a ponytail, because this will definitely result in damaging and breaking it.

11. Using heat tools too often.

We all love flat-ironed hair or well-formed curls, but using heat tools very often, especially without a heat protectant, can result in damaged and burned hair. So, we should use heat tools with caution and we should avoid them, when possible.

12. Tight hairstyles.

We love ponytails, braids, buns, hair-clips, various accessories, but all these put pressure on the roots, making it weaker. Moreover, if we keep on wearing the same tight hairstyle consistently, this stresses the same area for a long time, so the strands there become thinner. Also, accessories can hurt our scalp. So, we should let our hair rest often.

13. Back-combing for volume.

We love volume and one of the fastest and most popular way throughout the years has been back-combing. Even my grandmother used to do it! It’s effective, but it’s also very damaging. So, we should avoid it.

14. Picking split ends.

Yes, I know. It can be quite tempting. But picking split ends destroys the whole strand, causing huge damage. So, we should definitely avoid it and we should get a trim more frequently in order to get rid of split ends.

15. Not protecting it from sun.

We know that we have to wear a face cream with a certain SPF, in order to protect our skin from sun. But what about our hair? We also need to protect it from sun, especially in summertime. Sun can harm it the same way it can harm our skin. So, we should use hair products with SPF.

16. Dirty hair tools.

We need to clean our hairbrushes and combs often, because, apart from loose strands, dirt and styling products’ residue, they can also collect bacteria and transfer them to our hair and scalp.

17. Applying products in the wrong way.

We should always follow the instructions for use of each product. For instance, some products are made to be applied to the roots, others are for the ends. Let’s take oils as an example. They should be applied to the ends and if we apply them to the roots, our hair will get greasy. So, we should apply the right product in the right way, in order to get good results.

18. Not getting often trims.

When we are trying to grow our hair long, we usually avoid trimming for a long time. But leaving it with split ends, can have opposite results. Split ends can end up splitting all the way up the length, making it weak. So, we should trim the split ends often, in order to grow healthy long hair.

19. Using the same shampoo all year long.

Every season creates different needs. Harsh winter conditions make it dry, so we need a more hydrating shampoo. During summertime, we need a lighter shampoo. We should listen to our hair and fulfill its needs accordingly.

20. Washing it too frequently.

Many things have been said and written about how often we should wash our hair. Experts agree that shampooing it every day can cause serious damage. They recommend washing it two or three times a week. You can read more on the subject here.

So, these are 20 of the most common hair mistakes we make. Can you think of more? Please, feel free to mention them in your comments!

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