Facial beauty mistakes you might be making

20 beauty mistakes you should avoid, while treating your face.

Treating our face is our number one priority, as long as our beauty is concerned. We are using many different products, cleansers, toners, creams, masks, serums, etc. We are constantly seeking a way to a healthy, young and radiant skin, without imperfections. But sometimes we might be making some mistakes that have the exact opposite result on our skin.

So, here are 20 common mistakes you might be making.

1. Wrong cleanser

You should always choose the right cleanser for your skin. If your skin is dry, you should use a moisturizing cleanser, otherwise you will overdry and damage your skin. If your skin is oily and you are using a light cleanser, you might end up with clogged pores. If your skin is very sensitive, using the wrong cleanser will end up in irritating your skin and damaging it. So, you should always listen to your skin and use an appropriate cleanser, one that leaves your skin clean, fresh, but healthy and not damaged.

2. Washing too frequently

You should definitely wash your face well using a cleanser in the evening and in the morning. You don’t need to use a cleanser for your face during the day, unless there is a special reason, for instance after working out. If you are using a cleanser many times during the day, you are torturing your skin. You are depriving it from its natural moisture and you will end up with irritated skin and possible breakouts.

3. Washing without removing makeup

It’s better to remove your makeup first, before washing your face with a cleanser. Some cleansers are also recommended for makeup removal (you should check the product you are using), still you will get a cleaner and fresher skin, if you use a product to remove your makeup first and wash your face afterwards.

4. Washing face before hair in the shower

Some products that you use on your hair might irritate your facial skin. So, it’s preferable that you washed and conditioned your hair first and afterwards you should rinse well your face and you should wash it with an appropriate cleanser.

5. Sleeping with makeup on

No matter how tired you may be, you should never, never go to sleep without fully removing your makeup and without cleaning your face. Otherwise, you are causing great damage to your skin. During the night our skin rests, like the rest of our body, and it regenerates. You are preventing your skin’s mechanisms to work properly by leaving makeup on.

6. Not using products according to skin type

Always choose the products you use on your face based on your skin type. Cleansers, toners, moisturizers, masks, etc. should address to your skin’s special needs. If you are having a hard time deciding what your skin type is, ask the help of a professional. Also, keep in mind that your skin may have different needs every season. Always be very careful when buying a product. It may be a terrific product, but if it’s not suitable for your skin, you won’t get the results you are expecting. On the contrary, you may get very negative effects on your face.

7. Not moisturizing properly

Moisturizing is very important. You should never leave your face without applying a moisturizer. But too much, or too little, or the wrong product, may have unwanted effects on our face. So, always use the proper product for your skin type and follow the instructions. Also, listen to your skin. Every age, every season, every skin type, has different needs.

8. Over-exfoliating

Exfoliating is very helpful in order to help our skin regenerate. But if you are exfoliating too often or if you are not using an appropriate product for your skin type, you will leave your skin vulnerable to acne and other irritations and you will cause serious damage.

9. Neglecting the neck

You should never forget to treat your neck the same way you treat your face. The skin there is also exposed to the same elements as your face and, of course, it also ages the same.

10. Exercising with makeup on

Exercising with makeup on, will lead to clogged pores and various irritations. When you are sweating, your skin needs to be able to breath. Moreover, you need to wipe your sweat away. So, putting on makeup before working out, is definitely not a good idea.

11. Picking your face

It’s probably hard to resist squeezing a zit, but the damage done to your skin is huge. Moreover, bacteria from your hands may enter the wound, causing more problems to your skin. So, avoid by all means picking your face. Use appropriate products to deal with zits and other imperfections.

12. Dirty makeup brushes

In case you don’t know it, you should clean your makeup brushes often. Using dirty brushes may lead to acne, irritations or even more serious health conditions on your face. You can find out how to clean your makeup brushes here.

13. Touching the face

Your hands touch various surfaces and they may transfer dirt and bacteria to your facial skin, causing acne and irritations. So, it’s better to avoid touching your face, make it a rule for yourself. Stop leaning on your hands or rubbing or picking your face.

14. Only wearing SPF in the summer

You should always apply a product with SPF on your face, no matter what the season. Of course, you should be extra careful and you should use a higher SPF during the summer, but your face should be protected from the sun and from the ultraviolet radiation throughout the year, in order to avoid skin damage and early ageing.

15. Wearing SPF only in makeup

Makeup products with an SPF are not enough to protect your face. You should always use an SPF cream before applying makeup.

16. Forgetting to apply sunscreen under eyes

The skin under our eyes is very sensitive, so applying your facial sunscreen may cause some irritation. But this does not mean you should leave your eye skin unprotected. You should always use a product suitable for this area and you should never forget to apply it.

17. Expired sunscreen

The sunscreen products have an expiration date, as all beauty products do (you can read more on this subject here). You should always check their expiration date, after opening. They also usually have a three-year shelf time. If you use them after their expiration, not only won’t you protect your skin properly, you may also cause various irritations.

18. Not sleeping enough

They don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing! If you are not sleeping enough, it shows on your face. Your skin gets tired the same way your body does, so it loses its radiance and its freshness. Your face needs to rest during the night, it needs to regenerate.

19. Not washing pillowcases and sheets often

Every night oil from your face and hair transfers to your pillowcases and your sheets. If you don’t change them often enough, then all this oil will accumulate and it will transfer back to your skin, causing clogged pores and irritations. Also, you might consider all the dirt and the bacteria that can be transferred to your face.

20. Not eating well

We are what we eat. And our skin reflects our eating habits. So, in order to have a radiant face, you should add fruits and vegetables to your diet and you should avoid junk food. Also, avoiding alcohol and soda drinks can improve your skin. Generally, a healthy diet can lead to a healthy body and a healthy skin. Beauty begins inside your body and your soul.

Those are some of the most common facial beauty mistakes. Did you find this article helpful? Do you have other suggestions to add? I can’t wait to read your comments!

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30 thoughts on “Facial beauty mistakes you might be making”

  1. These are great tips! I had to catch myself as I was just touching my face! I agree with these and always make sure to take off my makeup!

    1. I also catch myself touching my face sometimes, when I am working on my PC and I am tired. I have managed to limit it a lot, though. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Think of it like this: all the effort you’re making to look more beautiful by putting on makeup, is a waste of time, because you are damaging your skin and your natural beauty by sleeping with makeup on. So, having this in mind, you won’t get lazy again! You have to help your skin rest and regenerate at night. 🙂 <3

    1. It’s the little things that can make a real difference at your skin in the long term. So, we have to be more careful. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Thank you for these tips! I know I should remove the makeup before cleansing my face, but somehow I feel there’s not enough time or I’m just lazy. I should clean my makeupbrushes more often – will do it tonight!

    1. Most of us lead a busy life and we tend to neglect our personal care. This will backfire at us at some point, so we have to pressure ourselves to be more consistent with taking good care of our face and our body in general. 🙂

  3. Amazing tips!! I hate break outs so much!! and i am so guilty of sleeping with my makeup on at night because i was so lazy or tired to take it off! very good post 🙂

    1. Sleeping with makeup on is a great mistake that can damage your skin. You should definitely stop it. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Our face reflects our eating and living habits. Everything we do has either a positive or negative effect on our skin. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Everything we learn can come of some use at some point! So, you may use this information to give some advice to a girl in your life! Who knows! Thank you! 🙂

  4. You make a lot of good points. I’ve always taken pretty good care of my face, but have neglected my neck. I can tell the difference. I’ve tried to do better lately – I hope it’s not too late!

    1. It’s never too late! You should start taking better care of your neck from now on. You should treat it the same way you treat your face. 🙂

    1. Most of us are guilty of #18 I think. At least we should try to limit it as much as possible. Thank you! 🙂

  5. I’ve just incorporated moisturizing my face at night and in the morning. I have never tried it before, except a professional facial. But, now that I am doing it myself, I need all the info and tips I can find. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I am so glad I could be helpful. All of us realize at some point that we are doing something wrong with our beauty routine, so no need to feel bad about it. 🙂

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