How to be happy at work

Learn how to be happy at work and find your way to success!

Work plays a very important role in our lives. We spend a great amount of our time working and it usually consumes a lot of our energy. Apart from supporting our living, work can fulfil our need for creativity and it can give us the satisfaction of being active and being useful and important at what we do. Every job is important! But, in order to feel this satisfaction, you need to learn how to be happy at work. Here are 10 essential tips that will help you find happiness at work:

1. Set long-term goals

No matter what your job is at the moment, whether it’s your dream job or a temporal job, you need to set long-term goals. Dream of what you want to do and make a plan of how you can reach that goal. Think of where you are now and how you can advance to the next level. This will keep you motivated and happy! And don’t forget, you can learn valuable things at every step, even if you are currently working at something completely different of what you dream. You can use everything to your benefit. Try to see the positive in everything!

2. Make your own “work nest”

Try to create a comfortable and relaxed workspace. Depending on your work and what your company permits, you can personalize your workplace, you can add your personal touch, in order to feel happier and to be more productive. Even little things can make a huge difference!

3. Organize your workplace

Organization is a key factor for working better, with less stress and, of course, it’s very important in order to be more productive and deliver better results. Keep your workplace tidy and create a good filling system. Organize your time and never forget your to-do lists! Keep everything under control. You can find more details and organization tips here.

4. Keep personal problems out of work

We all know the importance of being able to leave work at work, when we are going home – you can read more here. But it’s also very important to leave our personal life and our personal problems at home, when we are going to work. You need to focus on your work, when you are working, so that you can be more productive. You can deal with everything else after work. It’s like switching from one role to another. If may be difficult sometimes, but you have to train yourself to do that.

5. Eat healthy and hydrate

You need to keep yourself healthy and your energy levels high, when you are working. So, you need to hydrate yourself very often and you need healthy snacks and a nutritious meal. Avoid any kind of junk snack. Bad nutrition can cause fatigue and loss of concentration. Also, too much caffeine can cause you headaches and it can elevate your stress levels. When you are fueling your body well, you can perform better and you can feel happier.

6. Move around

If your work involves sitting at a desk all day long, you need to take short breaks and you need to find ways to move around, whenever you can. This will help you relax and your body will feel less cramped.

7. Smile and be polite

It’s important to be polite to your coworkers, and to your bosses of course. Be the one who spreads joy and positive energy around! Always remember to smile. You will find out that, most of the times, your coworkers will smile back. Don’t forget to thank someone for helping you, or even thank someone in advance, when you are asking for help. Most of the times, people will treat you the way you treat them. And if they don’t, don’t bother, just smile and go on with your work.

8. Create a friendly network

In any kind of job, you need to have a person or, even better, many coworkers that you can rely on. Create your own friendly network, that can help you deal with your work problems. You also need to be there for them, when they need you. Everything gets easier with friends!

9. Deal with difficult coworkers

In every working environment, there are people that are difficult to deal with. Try to stay out of their way and focus on your work. Keep your interaction with them short and completely professional. Do not let them ruin your day at work! You can find more tips on how to deal with toxic people here.

10. Reward yourself

Find ways to reward yourself for working hard. You deserve it! Especially after a long and difficult day at work, or after completing a major project, always reward yourself. You may enjoy dinner at your favorite restaurant, a night at the theatre, you may arrange a spa appointment, whatever you like and whatever makes you happy!

Always try to enhance the positive aspects of your work. Your work should influence your life and your mood positively. Sure, sometimes there are problems and things don’t always turn out the way we want them, but always focus on the positive.

What are your thoughts on the subject? I can’t wait to read your comments.

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32 thoughts on “How to be happy at work”

  1. Happiness is the key for everything. If you’re happy at work, you’ll be happy at home and with yourself. Great tips and perhaps this could also be included in every aspect of our lives.

    1. Happiness at work is indeed very important and I agree with you, we can use some of these tips in every aspect of our lives. 🙂

  2. I like the ‘work nest’ it’s very important to be around the familiar and comfortable. I also completely agree with keeping home problems away from work and establishing good relationships at work.There is nothing more uncomfortable than work place drama.

    1. It’s important to feel comfortable and happy at our workplace. After all, we spend a great deal of our time there. Work place drama can be really difficult to deal with and it can affect our mood and our productivity very negatively.

  3. I agree rewarding ourselves for working hard is a must. For me work is never done but when I do stop at a very unhealthy time in the morning I will be rewarding myself with a good bout of comedy!

  4. These points are so important, agree with you as one spends large amount of time at workplace its really important to take care of health and make workplace a comfortable and happy place.

    1. Our workplace is our second home, since we spend a great deal of time there. So, it should make us happy!

  5. Great list my favourite is Reward yourself… but the one I need to work on is to Organize your workplace, my workplace is littered with pencils and pens and lolly wrappers… yeah I need to have a clean up ^_^

    1. I’ve been there, hahaha. If you organize your workplace, everything will be easier and your mood will change to a more positive one. 🙂

  6. It is crucial to ensure you have a good enviroment at work because there is nothing worse than dreading going in every day. I always try and keep personal issues at home as it can quickly complicate things.

    1. Yes, I agree with you 100%! It’s horrible to dread going to work. It ruins your life and your health. You can’t sleep well, your mood is down and it has a great negative impact on your personal life.

  7. Work is always going to be there, you have to make the most of it while you’re there, and the most of the time you’re not there. Somewhere there needs to be a happy balance. Your tips were great!

  8. I no longer work out in the public, but when I did, it was definitely the supervisor and co-workers who could make your job fun and enjoyable or totally miserable and basically a living hell.

    1. Sometimes it’s very difficult to control and change your work environment to a more positive one. But if “living hell” is the way it feels, then, if you can not change it, you should leave, whenever you get the chance. There is no other solution.

  9. It’s imperative to feel happy at work, or else you’ll just be miserable every day. Getting a job that you actually love solves that. I love being my own boss and setting my own hours, I feel much more content.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! I also love being my own boss. I have been on the past and I am on my way there now!

  10. These are really great tips! I find that the happier I am, the more productive I am. One thing I don’t do that I should do better is to make it my nest! I like the concept and will make it feel more personal and connected to work.

    1. It very important to feel happy at work. Not only do we perform better, but we also can communicate this happiness to our personal life.

  11. If you are not happy in your job you won’t perform your best! These are great tips on how to be happy at work but I think the number #1 tip is to do something you love and have passion for!

    1. I agree, it’s important to do something you love. But, most of us, have to do other things as well, in order to support our living. It’s not easy to do only what you love. But it’s important to feel happy in every job. After all, you cannot go after your dreams, if you are miserable every day. You have to try and be happy at every step on your way to your dream job! 🙂

  12. Helpful post, I recently came to the conclusion to create a vision board of all my goals. I realize the lack of direction is what’s been preventing me from truly excelling in blogging. Setting long term goals is deff #1 in my list.

    1. Setting our long-term goals is very important in everything we do. It’s what motivates us and what keeps us on track.

  13. I would say the best way to be happy at work is to love what you do, that way you know that every headache, every annoying co worker kinda worth it haha. It’s also good to remember why you do it … whether you love it or not

    1. All what you said is important. We need to find ways to stay happy at work, otherwise our life will become miserable.

  14. Sometimes others don’t let you be happy and smile. Have you ever experienced the feeling that everyone is sad at work for no reason? This affects also your mood! Pfff I enjoy work and being productive!

    1. We should try to change that bad mood in every way we can. If we can’t, then we have to find a way to protect ourselves of all the negativeness. We should just concentrate on our work and stay positive!

    1. Not only that. If we are unhappy, angry and stressed, we bring those feelings back home with us, which can be a real disaster for our personal life! 🙂

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