My latest Spring beauty buys

No matter how many cosmetics we all have, we can’t resist a new buy every now and then! Apart from the seasonal products that are absolutely necessary, like a good sun protector cream for our face, now that the sun is shining brighter, we often treat ourselves with something new just to get inspired! Just to feel better! Well, that’s what I did yesterday. Work has been tough lately, and my work schedule hectic. My mood…let’s not talk about it. So, when I rushed into my nearest THE BODY SHOP store in order to buy my favorite facial wipes, I could not resist a Spring buy!

When I entered the store, I came across a smiling girl that was promoting a new line of products named British Rose. Well, I love, love roses and their smell! So, I fell in love with those products. I treated myself with a gift collection, a beautiful box containing a shower gel, a hand cream and a body butter, all with essence of hand-picked roses from Britain (dreamy indeed!). The collection also included a moisture cream from their vitamin E line.


I took a quick glance around, since I was in a hurry to return to work, and I spotted an amazing makeup pallet. Beautiful rose tones and smoky hues, a pallet with 6 shades of eye shadow and 2 shades of cheek blush. Yep, I could not resist that either! This amazing pallet belonged also to the new British Rose line (yet another excuse for me to buy it). I added also a lip & cheek stain – a great product enriched with community trade honey and community trade aloe vera – to my basket. I chose the dusty rose shade, ideal for a natural look makeup.

I completed my buys with one last product, a body wash containing tea tree oil.


My skin is very sensitive and extremely fair. Moreover, the skin on my back is oily. So, in order to prevent blemishes, I use this body wash, which is amazing and I get great results. As the weather gets warmer, we will start showing more skin, so we need to think about getting rid of all imperfections, right ladies?

Well, needless to say, I left the store with a big smile on my face. I returned to my work, but I couldn’t wait to get home to try all the new products! I felt like a child with a new toy! You know that feeling, don’t you? I felt so happy and so excited, that I wanted to share my feelings. So, here I am, I am sharing a little everyday beauty experience with you!

What did you buy lately? Any new products that I should know about? I can’t wait to read your comments!