Makeup mistakes that make you look older

We are in a constant pursue of products that can help us stay young forever. We certainly know that we are chasing a chimera, but we try anyway. Women at any age want to look younger. Even if you ask a 20-year-old girl, she wants to look 16 or 18. As we grow older, we get more anxious, of course. We are searching for the magic serum, that cream that performs miracles, etc. But have you ever thought that sometimes your makeup may make you look older than you are? Here are some common makeup mistakes that you should avoid:

1. Too much foundation

I personally believe that we don’t need to use foundation on every day basis, especially with all the wonderful BB creams that are available. But, nevertheless, when you are using foundation, avoid applying a very thick layer. This will enhance every little line on your face and, as a result, you will look much older. If your skin is dry, always use a foundation specific for dry skin and don’t forget to moisturize your skin very well before applying the foundation, otherwise the result will be a disaster.

2. Foundation that doesn’t match your skin color

You should be very careful when choosing your foundation. If you choose a much lighter shade than your natural skin color, you will look like a ghost, and your skin will look tired and old. On the other hand, if you choose a much darker shade, you will look dull and aged. So, always pick your foundation carefully.

3. Too much concealer under your eyes

Too much concealer will also enhance the little lines under your eyes. And don’t forget to moisturize well before applying any kind of makeup. If you are suffering from dark circles – who doesn’t – always use a specific product to reduce them. Choose a light concealer to highlight your eyes.

4. Too much powder

The result you get when using too much foundation, also comes with using too much powder. Every little line on your face will become visible and you will look older. In fact, if your skin isn’t oily and too shiny, or if you don’t have any particular imperfections, you should allow your natural glow to show. A glowing skin looks much younger than a dull powdered skin.

5. Dark colors in your makeup and in your clothes

If you are wearing dark clothes, choose makeup colors that will light your face and will highlight your features. Too much darkness, also makes you older.

6. Too dark lipstick

A dark shade in your lipstick, especially if it’s matte, will make you look older. So, if you want to wear a dark shade, choose a lip gloss or a sheer hydrating formula.

7. Lining only the bottom of your eyes

If you want to use an eyeliner, do not use it only on the bottom of your eyes. Many women find it easier, but this is a disaster. It will make you look tired and old. So, if you want to use an eyeliner, apply a line on the top lid and a thinner line on the bottom of your eyes. Make sure they connect on the corner. Also, too much eyeliner will make you look older.

8. Dark circles and black eyeliner

If you have dark circles, avoid using eyeliner on the bottom of your eyes, and also don’t apply mascara on the bottom lashes. Choose a brown liner instead of black. Otherwise your eyes will look heavy and tired and they will add years on your face.

9. Too much or too dark lip liner

If you like using a lip liner, you shouldn’t overdo it. Your line should be fine and you should choose the right shade. A very dark color will have a negative result.

So, now you know what to avoid. Also, don’t forget to always clean well your skin and moisturize it before applying any kind of makeup. Moreover, remind yourself that your personality is the key factor to lighting your face and making you look younger. So, stay positive.

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22 thoughts on “Makeup mistakes that make you look older”

    1. Yes, I think every woman should read this. We, sometimes, make mistakes while trying to follow every new trend.

  1. Great advices here! I knew all of them because I’m in love with make up and have a beauty blog of my own, but it’s always interesting reading a reminder of what to avoid when doing our make up and I’m sure a lot of women will do their make up better from now on thanks to your tips! xx

    1. We all need a reminder from time to time, I think. I was also surprised when some friends of mine read my post and told me that they didn’t know that they were doing something wrong in their makeup routine. Thank you so much for reading my post!

  2. Oh goodness! I know some ladies that wear too much concealer and it does age them. It is usually not the right color and then it is overused. There are definite things you can do to make you look younger and I think you covered all of them.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I also have some friends that realized that they were doing many things wrong with their makeup, after reading my post. We take some things for granted, but not everyone knows them. So, I think sharing is a good thing! 🙂

  3. Great tips! I rarely have time to apply too much make up so I normally go with a light bb cream just for a hint of something and maybe a tiny bit of powder!

    1. I don’t apply too much makeup on every day basis, too. But it’s good to know what to avoid, even if we use heavier makeup occasionally.

  4. I didn’t know that too much concealer could be a problem! Think I could be guilty of that one so now I’m going to research what the best product for my eyes is..

    1. You should always apply a good moisturizer before the concealer. Also, you should choose a light concealer, preferably one that also moisturizes your skin. You can find many such products.

  5. Thank you for these tips. To be honest, I can take them the other way around. Without makeup, I look like I’m a teenager, even if I am almost 30 years old. When I go to work meetings I always use eyeliner and a dark lipstick, otherwise I look like a child, haha.

  6. It’s always good to know the mistakes to avoid! I think every woman should remember these tricks before wearing makeup! I agree with you that we always have to clean well our skin and moisturize it before applying makeup!

    1. Even if we know some things, it’s good to be reminded from time to time. Also, sometimes we take some things for granted and we believe that they are common knowledge, but some people do not know them. So, I think post like this can be helpful. 🙂

  7. Isn’t it amazing how one little makeup mistake can make a big difference in your appearance. Glad to know these tips so I can make sure I don’t do them!

    1. Makeup can make miracles and it also can create epic failures! So, we should be careful how to use makeup products. 🙂

  8. You are so right, all of these are making a woman look older. Natural makeup may sound easy, but it’s the most difficult to achieve. A lot of women don’t know about the mistakes they are making, this article will definitely help them improve their makeup routine.

    1. Thank you! I know that you definitely don’t need those tips, since you are a makeup artist, but many women don’t really know how to use makeup products to their benefit.

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