Makeup tricks to slim your face

You have probably seen comparison pictures of celebrities with and without makeup. It’s a solid proof that makeup can work miracles! So, if you want to use makeup to make your face seem slimmer, here are some tricks you can use. It takes some time and a little experimenting at the beginning, but the result will definitely reward you! And remember, when you are trying something new in your makeup, always avoid trying it for the first time when you are in a hurry to go somewhere. Allow yourself time to experiment. If you don’t like the result, you should have time to change it.

1. Use a contouring set to make your cheeks look slimmer. In case you don’t know it, contouring is called the combination use of a darker makeup shade with a lighter one. You will find many contouring sets to buy. Choose the right one for your complexion. In order to make your cheeks look slimmer, after applying your usual makeup base, suck your cheeks in and using a brush, apply the darker shade of your contouring set into the hallow created. Form a diagonal line towards your ears. Always blend the shade very well, you don’t want a visible line on your face. Then use the highlighter of your contour set to highlight the top of your cheekbones. Don’t mix the highlighter with the dark shadow. Then apply a light blush on your cheeks to complete the look.

2. If you want your nose to look thinner, also use your contouring set. Apply the darker shadow to each side of your nose, stopping right before your nostrils. Apply the highlighter down the bridge of your nose, creating a vertical line. Do not forget to blend well. Blending is the number one rule in contouring.

3. To define the profile of your face and hide your double chin, apply the darker shadow of your contouring set along your jawline and under your chin. Don’t forget to blend well. Apply the highlighter in the center of your face. Between the eyebrows, on the bridge of your nose (if you haven’t already applied it there, when contouring your nose), on the middle above your upper lip and on the middle of your chin. Also apply some highlighter to the corner of your eyes, just under your eyebrows.

4. Draw attention to your eyes. Select a shade of eyeshadow which flatters your eyes. The cat’s eye makeup style is ideal for making your face look slimmer, because it draws attention to the outer corner of your eyes. Also, don’t forget to use a concealer to cover your dark circles.

5. Keep your lips simple. Use a lip gloss and create a natural look for your lips. You want the attention drawn to your eyes, not your lips, so that you can make your face look slimmer.

6. Correct the shape of your eyebrows. Make a pronounced arch. This will balance the roundness of your face.

So, go on and try them. Be patient at the beginning. You are not a makeup artist and you may need some time to get the result you want, but it’s worth trying.

Do you know any other makeup tricks that can make your face look slimmer? Please feel free to share them in your comments!

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