Prepare your skin for Summer

Summer is coming! Your skin needs extra care, so that you can feel confident and beautiful wearing your summer clothes and accessories.

The weather may still be rainy and a bit chilly, but, don’t fool yourself, Summer is just around the corner! In just a couple of weeks we will be wearing our light summer dresses, our shorts, our summer sandals and we will be enjoying every moment under the bright sun. This means that we will be showing more skin, so it’s about time we start preparing for that. We need to take some extra steps in our beauty routine, so that we can proudly wear our summer clothes and accessories!

1. Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliating is very important for a healthy, shiny skin. Even if your skin is sensitive, seek the suitable products and regenerate it! We should exfoliate throughout the year, but it’s absolutely necessary before Summer. I prefer to use natural products and a good body brush with natural bristles.

2. Treat rough skin

Exfoliating may be the first step, but you need to take extra care of rough skin on your elbows, your knees and, of course, your feet. Use a special exfoliating product for those areas and apply a good moisturizer afterwards. Your feet may need some extra attention, so you may need to seek the help of a professional, in order to proudly wear your summer sandals!

3. Get rid of imperfections

After all the layering during winter, it’s not uncommon to develop acne on some areas, especially if your skin is oily. You will find many products that will help you get rid of all the imperfections on your skin. But it takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight, so get started today!

4. Add more antioxidants and lycopene to your diet

You have to prepare your skin in order to deal with damaging sun exposure. Apart from using SPF products in order to protect your skin from all the ultraviolet radiation, you need to add foods rich in antioxidants to your diet, such as green leafy vegetables, green tea, berries. Also, you should eat more tomatoes, that are rich in lycopene, an ingredient that helps your skin to better shield against sun. Lycopene is also found in some red fruits and vegetables, like red carrots, watermelon, papaya.

5. Hydrate more

Drinking more water is always a good idea. Water helps your body detox better and it can help you lose weight faster, when combined with a healthy diet. Especially when the weather starts to get warmer, you should increase your water intake, so that you can have a healthy body and a glowing skin. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink water! That means that your body has already dehydrated and the damage is done. Always keep a bottle of water near you and drink water very often. You can even find apps that you can download to your smartphone that will remind you to drink water!

6. Start exercising more often

If you are a fitness freak, just ignore this one, you don’t need it. But, the truth is that most of us think about fitness just around this time of year. We seem to notice our cellulite skin more and our muffin top, when summer is coming, and for good reason, I might say. Well, you can’t become a Victoria Secret’s model in just a few weeks (and why should you?), but you can surely improve your body and your skin in so many ways by starting exercising. Don’t waist another day! Start today! Depending on your physical condition, your age and your way of life, you need to choose whatever is best for you. You may start walking more, using your bike more often, or you may finally make it to the gym. Whatever you may choose, just stick to it and you will be amazed by the results! Just don’t give up!

Those are the 6 most important steps in order to welcome Summer feeling more confident and more beautiful. But, as I said before, you can’t change your body and your skin overnight. So, ladies, get started today!

Summer is coming! Get ready! What is that you need to do in order to prepare for Summer?

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18 thoughts on “Prepare your skin for Summer”

  1. Wow, this is just what I needed! I personally love my skin in the summer. I feel like the sun is curing breakouts perfectly and at the same time you get that glow!

    Thanks for sharing these awsome tips! 🙂

    1. I also love my skin in the summer. Sun and sea are my best friends! And I also love summer dresses! 🙂

  2. Hydrating oneself and exercising are mandatory although I do less of both. Feel really motivated to follow those after reading your post. 🙂

    1. Most of us fall behind with exercising, I think. We really should try to exercise more. The benefits for our health are unbelievable. We all need a motivation from time to time, I am glad that my post motivated you! 🙂 <3

  3. Great tips here for a healthier and happier Summer Person this year. The water tip is very good and I didn’t realise there was an app to remind you to drink it regularly. Impressive!

    1. I learned about the app by a friend of mine a couple of years ago. A doctor recommended it! Nowadays, you can find many different apps that can help you monitor the water you are drinking and they also remind you to drink more. Most of us do not drink enough water. 🙂

    1. I thought that I was the only one that didn’t drink much water and I need a constant reminder, but I see that this is a very common problem. We all should find ways to hydrate better and I am glad that my post motivated you and others on the subject. 🙂

    1. Summer conditions can be extremely harsh on our skin, so we need to take better care of it. Moreover, we are showing more skin, so, if we want to feel confident and beautiful, we have to take extra measures. 🙂

  4. No sunblocks / sunscreens? 🙂 But yeah, I totally agree with everything there. With this extreme heat here in the Philippines, everyone needs to hydrate more and protect themselves from the sun.

    1. Sunscreens are not debatable! We should always use one, and not only during Summer. But our skin needs extra care, a sunscreen is not enough. I don’t really know if you get more heat in the Philippines than Summer in the Mediterranean (I’ll do my research 🙂 on the subject), but hydration is very helpful anyway! Thank you!

  5. Omg, I was reading the article and I was thinking all the time: “I have to do that, oh that also etc.” You are so right! Thank you for reminding us these steps for better looking skin 🙂

    1. Sometimes, although we know some things, we are so busy, that we need a reminder! I am always glad to be helpful. <3

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