Spring 2016: Makeup trends

We may be still wearing our heavy coats and scarves, but Spring will be here before we know it. Are you ready? Do you know the new trends?

The runways always set the trends, whether we are talking about clothes, hair or makeup. And as far as makeup is concerned, forget the almost-no-makeup looks. Bright colors are back!

Blue eyeshadow is one of the must-wear looks this Spring. Blue eyeshadow was a big hit back in the ’80s and now it’s back. We’ve seen it in many fashion shows, in either bold and impressive statements, or in more discreet versions. There is always a way to implement the fashion trends in your personal style.

You may find many products in the market. Almost every company has released a blue eyeshadow. There are many shades of blue, choose the one you like most and the one that fits better to your style. Since we are talking about a bold look, I suggest you experiment a little at home first, before going out. If you are in hurry to go out, it’s not wise to try a new makeup style, because the result may disappoint you.

And don’t forget! If you are going with a bold eye-statement in your makeup, go easy with your lipstick, choose something soft and discreet. The general rule is that you highlight either the eyes or the lips. So, have fun!

(The products featured in the picture are: Dior, Givenchy, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Nars, Shephora, Kat Von D, Body Shop. The choice is random. This is not a promotional post.)

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