Summer makeup tips: How to survive the heat

10 makeup tips for lasting makeup during hot Summer days.

Summer is already here and we love it! Nevertheless, things are getting tough for our makeup. Extreme heat makes it hard for it to stay in place. You definitely don’t want your makeup melting or caking, or your face looking all shiny. Here are some tips you can follow, in order to be fresh and beautiful all Summer.

1. Use oil-free moisturizer

Prepare your skin using an oil-free moisturizer, in order to avoid shiny skin. Oil-free products are definitely recommended for summertime. You can choose one with high SFP, in order to better protect your skin.

2. Go “naked”, avoid heavy bases

Allow your skin to breath and avoid heavy bases. You can use a light concealer to cover dark circles under your eyes, spots or blemishes.

3. Try a tinted moisturizer

If you feel uncomfortable without foundation, you can try a tinted moisturizer. It’s lighter and it will make your skin look more natural and fresh.

4. Use a primer

If you can’t go without a foundation, you should always use a primer before applying it. Primers are applied after your moisturizer and before your foundation and they prepare your skin and create a solid base, so that your foundation can stay in place all day long. You can find many products, use a primer suitable for your skin.

5. Use waterproof products

You definitely don’t want “raccoon eyes”. So, in order to avoid smudged eyes, use a waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner or eye pencil.

6. Wear sheer cream eyeshadow

It’s better to use a sheer cream eyeshadow, because it sets better and it lasts longer under heat.

7. Lighter lipsticks

Keep your heavy lipsticks for other seasons. During Summer, you can use light lip-glosses or lip balms, for a more natural look.

8. Change powder to cream blush

A cream blush will set better, without caking. It will give you a more natural and fresh look. Choose light colors.

9. Use a bronzer

Apply a bronzer on your forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin, in order to create a glowing sun-kissed face. Don’t overdo it, and choose a tone suitable for your skin. You want to create a natural effect.

10. Blotting papers

No matter what you do, sweating is unavoidable during Summer. So, make sure to always carry some blotting papers in your bag. Use them to absorb excess oil, sweat and shine off your face. Take a sheet and press it gently onto your face. Don’t wipe it. Just press.

Summer is all about fun, so you don’t have to worry for your makeup any more. Follow the tips above and enjoy yourself, always feeling beautiful.

What products do you prefer for your summer makeup?

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7 thoughts on “Summer makeup tips: How to survive the heat”

    1. I also prefer to go makeup-free on hot summer days. I only wear makeup on special occasions during summer. 🙂

  1. I never make-up, but I always face the problem of having a shinny face. I must try some of the tips you shared (like the last one with the paper. Is that a special kind of paper or?); I really need to get rid of that shine.

    1. I also don’t use makeup on every day basis and, especially in summer, I avoid it. 🙂 You can find blotting papers in cosmetic stores. They are made for absorbing the excess oil from your skin, which is the one that makes your face shinny. You just press them on your face gently, without scrubbing. You can even buy them on Amazon.

      1. Oooh! Thank you for pointing that out~! I’ll make sure to look them up sometime. 😀

        Luckily, this month I’ve spent most of the time inside. It was too hot to walk outside.

  2. I loved your makeup tips Rodanthi! In summer I always use primer and less foundation to prevent my makeup of melting on my face. I prefer lightweight products and I never do strobing. I am looking forward to your next informative post!

    1. I generally avoid heavy makeup on summer, except for special occasions. I think every woman should have those tips in mind, they are handy! 🙂 Thank you!!! <3

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