When do your makeup products expire?

Today I decided to give my makeup products a thorough clean out. As part of my Spring cleaning, I decided to start decluttering and organizing my closets. I stumbled upon my makeup bag and a drawer I use to keep my beauty products. I used to travel a lot and I have many makeup travel sets, some of which I haven’t used for a long time. Also, Christmas-gift makeup palettes, too many lipsticks, powder and liquid face make ups, many different shades of eyeshadows, more than 5 mascaras… you get the picture.

I believe most of us women have usually more makeup products in our closets or bathrooms than we use in everyday bases (please, tell me I am not alone). We are always buying an extra nail polish, a new set of eyeshadows, a couple of lipsticks to refresh our look, that powder that our favorite actor is using… and we are stocking our makeup bags with new products without tossing the old ones. Even if we have just bought the latest trend in eyeshadows, we are hooked on our old favorite eyeshadow. Nothing wrong with that, but have you ever wondered how long can you keep your makeup products? When should you toss them away, because they may cause you serious problems if you keep on using them? Continue reading When do your makeup products expire?