Where to find your inspiration

These past two weeks have been a struggle. Too much pressure at work, too much sadness around me and my mood going up and down – well, mostly down to be honest. I always try to stay positive and I try to spread joy around and hope, and this is very rewarding for me as well. But sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by all the sadness I see in everyday people that it’s really hard to fight back and stay positive. It’s really hard to find hope and it’s really hard to find any inspiration at all.

When I find myself dealing with a situation like that, the first thing I do is to just accept it. Yes, I am feeling down. I am even depressed sometimes. It’s hard to smile, but I try anyway. It may be a forced smile, but it’s a smile and you can really trick yourself into smiling and feeling better. Also, I keep reminding myself that it’s just a storm and it will pass. The sun will shine bright again!

Then I try to find little things that can make me feel better. It may be a cup of my favorite coffee and I take some time to enjoy it. I even look around me and I try to find something beautiful, something that will make me see that not everything is dull and depressing.

Of course, feeling better and staying positive is one step. But finding your inspiration to write or to create, is something else, more difficult. And when I force myself to be inspired… well, it just doesn’t work like that. So, the key is to just relax. I just take a break. I set myself free. I don’t have to write anything, unless I feel like doing so. Once I take my mind off writing, I try to do something that will make me feel good. I like exercising, it makes me feel better, more relaxed and more empowered. I like taking photographs or even looking at someone else’s photographs. It is very interesting to see the world through someone else’s eyes. I take a walk and I take the time to notice things around me. I start reading a new book or I read my favorite blogs or I even search for new blogs to read. Somewhere in between all those activities, something will click! Something will give me my inspiration back!

Yesterday I was taking a walk when I saw a blooming almond tree. It was so beautiful that I felt the need to take many pictures of it! It made me feel happy and it gave me hope. Something new was blooming, and I am not talking about the almond tree. Something was blooming inside me! And just like that, that almond tree changed my mood, changed my whole world!

Sometimes it’s the little things that can change you. Look around you and you will find your inspiration. But don’t try too hard. Just relax, take your time, enjoy yourself and the inspiration will find you!

Where do you find your inspiration?

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4 thoughts on “Where to find your inspiration”

  1. I’m just getting over a period of illness and I know exactly how you feel. I ended up deciding to stop expecting so much from myself and it’s worked pretty well.

    1. Sometimes we just need a break! Just enough to recharge our batteries. It’s ok to admit to ourselves that we are not superwomen. I think we can accomplish so much more if we take better care of ourselves.

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